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The Master of Public Health Management

The Master Program in “Public Health Management” is a highly competitive program that prepares students for top leadership positions in health delivery organizations, advocacy, policy making bodies, government health care organizations at all levels, community based organizations, and the diversity of other public and private health care organizations. Students develop a strong foundational knowledge of the health sector with specific strengths in management and policy.Learn More 

You’ll learn from professors who bring advanced credentials, real-world experience and are active in the industry. Our professors are committed to providing you with practical, hands-on training to help you achieve the career you want. Meet Our Faculty

We are very lucky of the quality of students we have, who are driven and willing to push themselves. As they believe of the importance of the Public Health Management Program in developing healthcare system in their countries, as they seek to be a part of this development and  hope to become the future leaders of public health sector.  Meet Our Students

Daily Health Management Tip

"Data should be analyzed to extract meaning to support the decisions you make, to drive improvement and innovation, and to plan for the future.."