The Mediterranean Public Health Learning Network (MPHLN)


The Regional Public Health Management Network will be an essential element for the sustainability of the MED-HEALTH project outcomes and the continuation of efforts towards sharing of advanced public health practices, exchange of experiences, serving as a point of reference for students and professionals.

The Mediterranean Public Health Learning Network “MPHLN” is a regional learning network created within the frame of The Erasmus Plus project MEDHEALTH that brings together public health educators and practitioner across the Mediterranean Region to share their knowledge, experiences, and explore potential avenues for collaboration.

Vision: Enhance and promote public Health in the Mediterranean Area.

Mission: Improve the skills of Mediterranean public health workforce by fostering collaborations and promoting good practices in Health training and education.


  • Promote the exchange of good practice on public health education,
  • Provide leadership for the future of academic public health.
  • Enhance quality and innovation in public health education, research and practice.
  • Advocate for public health education, research, practice and the public health in the region.
  • Operate as an innovative effective and collaborative organization
  • Boost Public health student mobility between the two Mediterranean shores.


Schools/teaching institutions, scientific/research institutes, and other structures, active in public health and established within the Mediterranean Region.

Network of opportunities

The MED-HEALTH Network aims to open a wide range of opportunities:

  • To facilitate exchange of good practises between the members through the MED-HEALTH portal and website and twinning procedures in order to promote transfer of knowledge between its members;
  • To encourage the submission of common proposals and development of projects between the members of the network;
  • To assist in the establishment of MED-HEALTH best practices;

The MED-HEALTH benefits for its Network members

The MED-HEALTH Network members obtain numerous benefits to grow, share, learn, and modernise:

  • The chance to exchange good practises between the members through the MED-HEALTH portal and website and twinning procedures and to promote transfer of knowledge among its members;
  • To access a transnational forum of discussion in public health management;
  • To participate in common actions between the members of the MED-HEALTH Network, such as: seminars, submission of proposals and development of projects, submission of publications in scientific journals and scientific conferences;
  • To participate in training workshops to be held under the theme of public health management;

For more information about MED-HEALTH activities please visit project website: