Ministry of Health and WHO hold final workshop for the National Health Strategy for Palestine 2017-2022

9 November 2016, Ramallah – Dr Gerald Rockenschaub, Head of Office for WHO in the occupied Palestinian territory, joined His Excellency Dr Jawad Awwad, Minister of Health for Palestine, in welcoming health experts and stakeholders to the final workshop for the National Health Strategy 2017-2022.

His Excellency Dr Jawad Awwad stressed the political commitment of the Palestinian Authority to ensuring an equitable, comprehensive and high quality health service for all.

Dr Rockenschaub emphasized the timeliness of this opportunity to align strategies across the health sector and welcomed the participatory process of strategy development led by colleagues in the Ministry of Health.  The Palestinian National Policy Agenda has underpinned the formulation of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework, which aims to coordinate the development work of UN agencies within the occupied Palestinian territory and to ensure that work of the UN is in line with the goals and objectives of the Palestinian Authority.  Both the National Policy Agenda and United Nations Development Assistance Framework are informed by the Sustainable Development Goals, which strive for universal access to health services and aim to ensure health security and wellbeing for all through the eradication of poverty and hunger and reduced inequalities.  In the occupied Palestinian territory, the UN has engaged in extensive analysis of the vulnerabilities of the Palestinian population to ensure the equitable provision of services that “leave no one behind.”

The workshop explored the current situation of the health system in the Palestinian territory and presented the goals set out by the National Health Strategy.  A productive discussion by technical health experts focused on the next steps to operationalizing the plan and detailing the work that will be necessary to ensure its goals are achieved.