Review of national health information system in Jordan

13 December 2016 – To better understand the state of the health information system in Jordan, WHO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and international consultants, conducted a review of the national health information system aimed at increasing coordination and cooperation among partners, strengthening transfer and sharing of knowledge and encouraging the use of evidence and information in policy-making.

The review further reinforced strategies aimed at improving the health information system, including civil registration and vital statistical systems. The review focused on describing the health information system, including overall health information system structure within the Ministry of Health, Civil Registration Authority/Ministry of Interior and outside; information flow, governance and quality assurance; infrastructure; data management and standards; dissemination and use of data for policy and planning; analysis of its strengths and weaknesses; and recommendations on how to further develop the system to respond to emerging needs, such as responding to the refugee population challenges. The results of the review will help the Ministry of Health develop a prioritized roadmap for health information system integration.

The review team was led by Dr Arash Rashidian, Director, Information, Evidence and Research, with support from the WHO Representative for Jordan Dr Cristina Profili, and also included WHO technical staff from the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean.