Forehead wrinkles – an early sign of cardiovascular disease?

New research suggests that deep forehead wrinkles might be a quick and easy way to spot individuals at risk of atherosclerosis, a cardiovascular condition that can lead to more serious issues such as a heart attack or stroke.

In atherosclerosisplaque builds up inside the arteries, making them less elastic and narrowing them down over time.

This limits the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the body’s major organs, which, in turn, may lead to a range of diseases — depending on which organ is affected.

When plaque accumulates inside the coronary arteries, coronary heart disease and even heart attacks may ensue.

Some of the main risk factors for atherosclerosis include smoking, high cholesterol levels, insulin resistancehigh blood pressure, physical inactivity, age, and a family history of heart disease.

New research adds another risk factor to the list — and one that may be more easy to detect than high blood pressure or insulin resistance. Deep forehead wrinkles, say the authors of the new study, may signal atherosclerosis.

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