EAHM: Care Integration Biggest Challenge for Health Managers

The 27th European Association of Hospital Managers Congress (EAHM) concluded with 61% of delegates saying they would find it valuable to attend next year’s event in Belgium.

More than 1200 people from 35 countries attended the congress, hosted by the Portuguese Association of Hospital Managers  (APAH) in the coastal resort of Cascais from September 26 to 28.

“Better managers promote batter care,” said APAH President Alexandre Lourenço in his closing address. “By all means, healthcare management matters.”

Organised under the theme of ‘Redefining the Role of Hospitals; Innovating in Population Health’, plenary topics comprised people-centred care, integration of care, innovative provision models, sustainability and management matters.

Reflecting current concerns in the healthcare management community, the topic with the most positive response was care integration with a special emphasis on the need for improved technology implementation, value-based healthcare and effective leadership skills.

Healthcare managers made up the main cohort of attendees (41%) followed by industry professionals (26%), HCPs (11%), students (9%), researchers (7%) and other professionals (6%). Women outnumbered men with a ration of 56% to 44%.

Next year’s congress is being held in Ghent, Belgium, September 12 – 14. Delegates said the main challenges they expected to face in the coming year revolved around innovation and technology and health management governance and ethics.

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