Our Students

Student views

Our students talk about their academic experience with the Public Health Management Graduate Program and offer advice for future students.

Name: Fekry Afif Bsharat

Public Health Management Master student-An-Najah National University in Palestine

“I found in the M.A program of Public Health Management at An-Najah National University what I have been looking for to help me sharpening my skills in health management, since the program has a direct connection with my field of work. I work as the director of one of the main healthcare departments at a local hospital in Palestine. The program didn’t fail to full fill my expectations as I seek to raise the quality of the medical services provided by the department I manage.The program courses are designed to meet the practical aspects of medical management and the teaching methods are also pushing on the same direction. In Palestine there is an urgent need for professionals in the field of public health management, since there are many national medical institutions which provide preventive health services but the quality of these services is below the level, and there is a huge need for specialized staff to help raising the quality of public health services in Palestine.”

Name: Tamany Al-Osifat

Public Health Management Master student-Mutah University in Jordan

“I believe that the specialization of public health management is going to enable me to help enhancing the quality of healthcare in Jordan and improving the quality of Jordanian lives as a result. What I have learned so far through the Public Health Management Master Program has increased my knowledge in how to make a logical and evidence based  decisions related to public health management.”

Name: Mohammad Salem

Public Health Management Master student-Mutah University in Jordan

“I chose to join the Master Program in Public Health Management since it is a new field of study and there are only few public health professionals in Jordan the thing that could be very promising when it comes to finding a job after graduation. Another desirable trait of the public health management field is the extreme variety of professions and areas of upward mobility. In the public health field, someone can create public health policies, develop medical care programs, analyze health statistics or work in communities educating about ways to stay healthy. This program is badly needed in Jordan as it faces a huge demand on health care with all refugees coming to Jordan from different countries thus arises the need for public  health management leaders”

Name: Shoroq Tarawneh

Public Health Management Master student-Mutah University in Jordan

“I chose to join the Master of Public Health Management as I seek to develop my administrative skills since I am thinking of applying to work at the Jordanian Ministry of Health . So far I have learned about how to write strategic plan related to healthcare and the research methodology in healthcare. I encourage individuals who seek administrative positions in the field of healthcare and who want to play a part in the development of health services in Jordan to join this master program.”

Name: Hajer El-Hadjbraiek

Public Health Management Master student-The University of Monastir in Tunisia

“I chose to join the graduate program in Public Health Management because it responds to my needs which are having competence when it comes to leadership, communication, health system planning and epidemic management.The graduate program in public Management will have many impacts on the development of health services in Tunisia. It will provide us with professionals who can help us to identify weakness points in the Tunisian health system, know the strategic axes that we can work on, improve health, protect patient and implement managerial strategies to optimize both the utilization of human capital and their economic and financial and resources.”

Name: Mouna Bettaieb

Public Health Management Master student- The University of Monastir in Tunisia

“I joined the Graduate Program of Public Health Management because I want to play a part in the promotion of the healthcare services in Tunisia. And that comes from the fact that I work as a public health physician in a Tunisian rural area where healthcare services need to be reviewed and improved to provide a quality of healthcare services. And I find that public health management studies can be a tool for setting up a work plan to achieve my goal. The public health management program will provide Tunisia with a generation of specialists in this field who can manage public health problems in a scientific and professional way.”

Name: Nesrine Harzallah

Public Health Management Master student- The University of Monastir in Tunisia

“As I work as a pharmacist at the Central Pharmacy of Tunisia, joining a graduate program in Public Health Management seemed as a logical step to improve my leadership and management skills. So far, I have had a fair experience learning about the theoretical aspects  of health management.  The main impact of the program could be having the health leaders of tomorrow prepared for the challenges that they will face.”